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Lynne Sutherland Olson

God centered Psychic Medium

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As a psychic medium and I can see and hear your deceased family and friends.


My gifts enable me to help you to communicate with your loved ones who have passed on, giving you a chance to get answers to any questions you may have.


I am your bridge between the living and the dearly departed, helping to bring you peace of mind. 






Archangel Michael
I talk to your late loved ones directly and receive additional information from my primary guide, Archangel Michael. I also talk to your guides and angels to get the information you need



To Schedule a Reading, contact me at:

Home base: Washington State, USA
Hourly Rate: $100.00 USD
One hour minimum.
I offer individual phone readings by appointment. Yes, I do private parties and paranormal public events such as ghost hunts and conventions.


Paranormal TV :  I periodically "read" episodes of ghost hunting and paranormal TV shows as I would a client or a haunted property. Then I blog about all the stuff the TV cameras missed from ghosts to graves.


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